ITT Enhancement by VIDLEARN®

ITT Enhancement Programme by VIDLEARN®

Support for ITT Trainees and Tutors

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Our programme

The ITT Enhancement Programme is a flexible online course to support your Initial Teacher Training (ITT) programme. Using the expertise developed as one of the UK’s leading suppliers of Subject Knowledge Enhancement (SKE) courses, VIDLEARN® offers a unique set of resources to support all ITT trainees with our modules in Professional Studies, Literacy and Numeracy, and Pedagogy. Additional support is provided for shortage subject trainees with our targeted Subject Studies modules.


Our resources can be used to supplement or replace aspects of your current ITT programme and offer the flexibility to be used before, during and after your planned input with trainees. The resources can also be used to provide targeted support to trainees to help them fulfil their potential. As trainees’ skills and depth of understanding of teaching develop, they can return to these resources time and time again.

Course structure

The recordings are delivered by educational specialists and engaging qualified teachers. This blend of expertise and academic rigour provides a great introduction to the challenges and rewards of modern teaching. The course is organised into five modules:

The ITT Enhancement Programme also features assessment and tracking tools that contribute to a dynamic portfolio of evidence that the trainee can capture as evidence to demonstrate their fulfilment of the Teachers’ Standards.


Professional Studies 1

This module focuses on the core generic teaching skills and pedagogy needed for an ITT trainee on any secondary route. These ideas are accessible to trainees with little or no experience in the classroom and can be revisited as the trainee’s understanding of the role develops.

Professional Studies 2

Here the focus is on the more advanced teaching skills and ideas. Trainees would benefit most from this content after a sustained period of classroom experience. These recordings link intrinsically with the Teachers’ Standards.

Subject Studies

This module is designed to offer subject specific input for trainees across the shortage subjects. Here, ideas and pedagogies specific to each subject are covered to help trainees with the subject specific demands of teaching their specialism. These recordings allow trainees to consider the Subject Pedagogical Knowledge specific to their specialism.

Literacy and Numeracy

These resources are designed to cover the content previously assessed by the QTS Skills Tests. The content will help trainees develop their Literacy and Numeracy skills to the required standard for ITT. The featured assessment tools can be used by ITT Providers to demonstrate the fundamental English and Mathematics skills of their trainees.


These resources provide examples of best practice directly from the classroom. We have captured lessonse live in the classroom and then edited these to provide viewers with a unique insight into teaching. These resources are aligned with the Teachers’ Standards so that trainee can match ideas about teaching and learning with authentic pedagogical practice.

We offer courses in the following subjects:

Science » Mathematics » English » Modern Foreign Languages » Geography » Computer Science »